About? About what?

About me?!

But I hate talking about myself! Truly this is no way to get to know someone.

Fine - I'll give you a little blurb if it makes you happy.

Scott Bauer

I am Scott Bauer. THUNDER CLAP - Yes - The Scott Bauer. There may be other Scott Bauers (Baueri?), but I'm the best Scott Bauer (don't tell the others, please). I write code. I occassionaly write blog posts, as well, apparently... I don't know how that happened. I also write weird rambling About pages.


You could consider me a full stack software engineer focused on web development. Generally I spend my days writing Java and JavaScript/CoffeeScript while dreaming of doing something similar in Clojure/script (or whatever language is trending). Research and development, prototypes, and being a general jack-of-all-trades are my areas of expertise. I am always open to learning new skills and retooling if it will help advance the goal.

I am smart, fast, adaptable, and get things done.

I prefer that my work has meaning.

In my spare time, I use Clojure to learn new things.

I love making things, especially for the web. Every project offers a chance to provide value to the customer, learn something, and better the world. Having been around computers and the web for as long as I can remember, I developed a passion for technology and use it to solve problems daily. This has led me to be self-motivated and intensely focused on the task as hand.

My other love is design. The graceful profile of a chair, the soulful font of a book, and the elegant layout of a website. All of these send messages to the viewer, even if they are not aware of it, and I find this fascinating. In my spare time, I further explore design and forms through traditional furniture making. Good design is universal and timeless. Being at the intersection of technology and design affords unique experiences that I live for.

Please see my résumé and GitHub if you are interested in having a discussion. Here are some other ways to reach me as well. Chances are I will respond.